UWC flat wagon for TransContainer

RUSSIA: Intermodal operator TransContainer has awarded United Wagon Co a contract to supply 100 Type 13-6851-05 flat wagons for the transport of heavy containers and tank containers.

The contract announced on October 29 is TransContainer’s second for the type, following on from an order for 30 Type 13-6851-05 (40ft) and 30 Type 13-6903 (80 ft) wagons which was agreed last year. Deliveries from UWC’s Tikhvin plant are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

The 13-6851-05 wagons have 25 tonne axleload Type 18-9855 bogies and a loading capacity of 80 tonnes. They are designed for the transport of heavy containers and tank containers with a gross weight of up to 40 tonnes, including hazardous loads.

The wagons ae expected to run for up to 1 million km or eight years between overhauls, compared to 210 000 km or three years for other wagons on the market, and have a design life of 40 years.