Orient Metal container wagon (2)

UZKBEKISTAN: Steel fabricator Orient Metal has produced a prototype wagon for transporting four 20 ft or two 40 ft containers.

Acceptance and certification testing is expected to be completed in Q3 2022, enabling the company’s plant in the Yashnobod district of Toshkent to produce up to 200 wagons per year from the end of this year.

Orient Metal container wagon in factory

‘We decided to expand our production activities because we see quite high demand from major customers’, said Dilshod Shukurov, Managing Director of the Orient Group’s metallurgy business.

‘Uzbekistan Railways has a demand of up to 200 units per year. In addition, partners from the EU and CIS, as well as UzAuto Motors, a Chevrolet car production plant in Uzbekistan, became interested in the project.’