New York subway Line A train (Photo: Joseph Calisi)

USA: Neutral host provider Transit Wireless has finalised a partnership with New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority which will enable it to double the size of its 5G fibre network in the metropolis.

The partnership follows the signing of a public-private partnership agreement last year between MTA and the BAI Communications subsidiary covering the roll-out of wi-fi and mobile phone communications infrastructure, offering benefits valued at more than $1bn over 10 years.

The 5G fibre network will be designed to support more than 10 million users per day, covering the entire 672 track-km Subway network and up to 20 river crossings. It will also extend to support private businesses, universities, hospitals and commercial properties.

‘Our partnership with the MTA will result in a significant network extension of fibre route, diversity and overall capacity’, said Transit Wireless CEO Melinda White on February 27.

‘The project will deliver seamless reach for all major cellular carriers to provide riders with enhanced coverage underground and throughout their journey across the New York City subway system. We will also deliver a carrier-grade network for private enterprises.’

Under the agreement, the current free TransitWirelessWiFi already available at all 281 underground Subway stations will be expanded to the network’s 191 above-ground stations and 21 stations on the isolated Staten Island Railway.