UK: City & Guilds Group has acquired Intertrain, which provides more than 300 railway infrastructure training courses and trains more than 22 000 learners and 40 apprentices every year.

The courses include Level 2 and 3 engineering apprenticeships, and re-skilling, upskilling and recertifying existing rail personnel.

Intertrain has training centres in Enfield, Crayford, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Derby, Warrington, Doncaster, Gateshead, Glasgow and Portsmouth.

City & Guilds Group said it expected rising demand as a result of planned rail infrastructure projects over the next decade. ‘With the government making ambitious plans to overhaul the rail sector that will increase the use of digital technology, boost productivity and improve customer experience, it’s critical the workforce is skilled to drive these changes forward’, said Martin Hottass, Group Director, Technical Training, when the acquisition was announced on November 11.

‘As the UK’s largest railway training provider, we are excited to become part of the City & Guilds Group’, said Intertrain director Alex Pond, adding that this would provide ‘significant investment and opportunities in digital learner platforms and blended learning that will meet with the demands of the STEM markets, particularly within rail’.