UK: Tyne & Wear transport authority Nexus says it is to maintain its ‘strong track record for apprenticeships’, offering nine positions in 2023.

The roles on offer will cover project management, human resources, data science, bus services and metro infrastructure maintenance including overhead electrification and structures.

The programmes include training on the job with experienced staff, at the Nexus learning centre in South Shields, and via external training providers. Most apprentices then progress to permanent full-time employment or higher-level training.

‘Apprenticeships are vital for the long-term future of Nexus’, said Head of Learning Heather Blevins. ‘We are committed to developing early career paths, providing solid succession planning for critical roles. Apprenticeships are an ideal route both for us and the apprentice. They learn bespoke skills and competencies with a good chance of getting a permanent job at the end, and we gain skilled and engaged employees who see real career development.

‘Apprentices get first class training, opening the door to a brilliant career in the railway and public transport industry.’

The closing date for applications is February 26.