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UK: Industry association Rail Forum has published an ‘Unleashing the potential of rail: an enabler of economic prosperity’ policy document, outlining five policies for the next government which says would offer significant benefits for customers, taxpayers and the supply chain.

Rail Forum wants to see:

  • an ambitious vision for the industry, underpinned by a long-term investment strategy and including electrification, low-emission rolling stock and extending vehicle life where appropriate;
  • commitment to a suite of integrated national and local plans that support devolved decision making, while maintaining a whole network perspective;
  • rapid progress with rail reform, including ‘new and improved public-private sector partnerships’, and driving greater efficiencies through simplification and collaboration;
  • faster implementation of digital technologies;
  • a new approach to procurement that provides fairer opportunities for British SMEs, focuses on results, removes costs and barriers and provides greater social value for the UK.

‘Rail Forum wants to see rail positioned at the heart of the public transport and freight system, as an economic enabler helping to drive UK growth and supporting delivery of our net zero commitments’, said CEO Elaine Clark on June 6. ‘Our message to the next government is simple, work with us to unleash the potential of rail.’