Flexicon Connectabox

INNOTRANS: Flexible conduit manufacturer Flexicon is showcasing rail industry cable protection systems designed to prioritise fire performance, system security and ingress protection.

On show at Hall 2.2 stand 230 and featured on the Railway Industry Association pavilion is the Birmingham-based company’s new FPIHRL heavy-weight nylon flexible conduit, which is designed to provide very high dynamic fatigue life combined with enhanced flame retardancy.

It offers high mechanical and impact strength, even at low temperatures, combined with excellent resistance to water, dust, UV, oil and solvents, with a HL3 Exterior R23 classification, providing superior protection for external vehicle applications.

The PA12 corrugated flexible conduit is designed for applications where there is dynamic and continual movement or flexing. This includes internal and external cable protection on bogies and control systems, inter-vehicle jumpers, auto-couplers and rolling stock assemblies that require the highest level of dynamic and fire performance.

Flexicon is also displaying its Connectabox weatherproof IP68/IP69 circular connection box, designed to protect safety and performance-critical cabling and offer simple and fast installation. It includes up to seven connection points, four predefined entry points and quick connect outlets, with rugged mounting tabs and a lid locking mechanism for maximum security.

The new FPRDS divisible conduit is designed for retrofitting applications where minimum disruption is essential. It is made from two interlocking corrugated conduits, allowing existing cabling to be inserted laterally via a slit opening, rather than being pulled through the open end of a traditional conduit. The two open conduits then interlock to form a double layer of protection around the cables.