East West Rail construction

UK: Oxford to Cambridge railway project promoter East West Railway Co has awarded Jacobs the Programme Partner contract, worth an estimated £35m overs three years. The contract covers the provision of engineering, operations and IT support services, with Jacobs to work collaboratively with EWR Co’s existing team to provide additional flexible capability as the project progresses.

‘A project of the complexity and size of East West Rail requires a wide range of different types of resource as it develops’, said EWR Co Programme Delivery Director Ian Parker on July 16.

‘In this critical, yet early stage of our development as a business, it is vital that we have access to people who are at the top of their field across various areas of our business on a flexible basis. Jacobs will support us as we work towards creating a permanent workforce and build relationships with partners into the future.’

As part of the contract Jacobs has committed to work with SMEs, social enterprise partnerships and voluntary and community organisations to deliver a programme of social value, including promoting social mobility for young people and vulnerable adults.