Kyiv station and flags

UK: National Rail train operators are to offer people arriving from Ukraine free travel to their final destination from March 20.

Ukrainians who have arrived in the UK will be able to travel for free by showing their Ukrainian passport and a boarding pass or ticket showing arrival into the UK. They will have 48 h from arrival to complete their journey.

The scheme applies to all train operators in Great Britain, including London Underground and Docklands Light Railway services between National Rail stations.

Many bus and coach operators are also offering free onward travel.

‘We have all been shocked by the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine’, said RDG Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Starr on March 18. ‘As an industry we know this is the right thing to do, making sure families affected by this tragedy can be reunited as quickly as possible, and helping others get to safety.

‘Similar schemes have been launched on the continent so I am proud that we are standing alongside our European rail family and doing what we can to help.’