Derby station (Photo DfT)

UK: East Midlands Railway and software company WelcoMe have launched a six-month pilot of a meet-and-greet service offering customers at Derby station a bespoke appointment to better support them with accessibility needs or specific travelling requirements.

Example use cases include:

  • someone who does not require the full Passenger Assistance service and wishes to travel independently, but would benefit from extra support before travelling;
  • a parent whose child will be using the train for regular solo travel;
  • someone who has new accessible needs and is seeking guidance on the accessibility of EMR’s stations and trains;
  • a disabled customer who is not a frequent rail user or is new to rail travel and requires some help to navigate the station.

Founder Gavin Neate said ’WelcoMe connects disabled people directly with the customer service team members they will meet and provides the teams with best practice and tips on interactions before they arrive’.

EMR Customer Services Director Dave Meredith said ‘if you, or anyone you know, will benefit from the service, please visit our website or the WelcoMe site to book an appointment’.