Railway staff

UK: Not for profit trade association Rail Forum has ‘adopted’ the Rail Safety Week initiative, which this year will run from June 26 to July 2.

RSW was established in 2016 as an industry-led initiative focused on rail safety for everyone, including people who work on the railway, customers and people that can be affected by operations. It includes conferences, site briefings and school events to promote safety.

‘After numerous meetings with Rail Forum, I feel they are the perfect organisation to take RSW to the next level’, said founder Alan Tarrant on February 7. ‘Over the years I’ve had some fantastic support from the whole industry from the first year where just over 50 organisations took part to last year where almost 160 organisations supported and held events.’

RSW will remain a non-commercial venture open to all. ‘Alan and his team have done an amazing job introducing and growing this initiative’, said Rail Forum CEO Elaine Clark. ’They will continue to be involved and Rail Forum and all those organisations participating in RSW will benefit from their knowledge and enthusiasm.

‘Safety is, and always will be, a key priority for our industry — we all have a vested interest in ensuring that everyone gets home safe every day. Safety brings people together like nothing else and that’s one reason why we felt RSW was such a good fit for us.’