Refurbished Lille VAL light metro train.

FRANCE: The last of 38 two-car trainsets used on Lille mini-metro Line 1 was returned to the city on October 22 following refurbishment at Alstom’s Petit-Foret plant near Valenciennes, marking the completion of a three-year programme valued at €11m.

Under a contract awarded by operator Transpole and the Communauté Urbaine de Lille in 2006, Alstom and Safra have been refurbishing the line’s original VAL 206 trainsets. These cars were built by CIMT for the opening of the initial 9 km route in 1983, and the work is intended to extend their operational life from 30 to 40 years.

As well as project management and co-ordination, Alstom has been responsible for overhauling the rubber-tyred bogies, traction equipment and door operating mechanisms, as well as recertification of the trains.

Safra has undertaken the interior refurbishment including seats, carpets and panelling, together with renewal of high and low voltage cabling, repairs to the doors and external repainting.