De Lijn has approved the purchase of 23 trams from CAF for use on the network in Antwerpen.

BELGIUM: Vlaanderen transport operator De Lijn has placed a firm order for a further 17 CAF trams, exercising an option in its framework agreement covering up to 146 vehicles which was signed October 2017.


Photo: Maxime Vete

The first of 48 cars on order for the coastal tramway was delivered to Oostende in June.

De Lijn placed two firm orders each for 24 metre-gauge Urbos 100 trams in October 2017, with the 48 unidirectional trams to be used on the Knokke – De Panne coastal line. The first was delivered in June this year.

A €44m third order for 23 unidirectional trams was placed in March 2019, and the fourth order for 17 was announced on November 6. The trams from the third and fourth batches are to be deployed in Antwerpen from the second half of 2022.