RUSSIA. Sinara has revealed the appearance of the 90 Type 71-628M fully low-floor, four-axle trams which it has designed for Moscow and which will be produced by subcontractor UKVZ.


The contract includes 30 years of maintenance. The first five cars are scheduled to arrive this month, with deliveries running until the end of 2022.

The trams are designed for running at 62 km/h at maximum load and under normal operating conditions. They will be equipped with supercapacitors to recover braking energy for use when starting, and lithium ion batteries capable of providing emergency traction over a distance of 1 km.

The trams have a capacity of 110 passengers, including 40 seated. Interior features include a ‘thermal curtain’ to maintain a comfortable temperature, information screens and USB ports. The cab is designed to offer good visibility and intuitive operation.