SWITZERLAND: City transport operator Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich has unveiled the design of two railcars ordered for the Dolderbahn, which climbs 162 m in 1 328 m using the von Roll rack system.

In June 2021 VBZ awarded Stadler Bussnang a SFr10·6m contract to supply two Bhe 1/2 railcars and spare parts. The styling is by Milani.

The metre-gauge 600 V DC railcars will have step-free access with a smaller gap from the platforms than the current vehicles, with two wheelchair spaces, non-slip floor coverings and tactile markers. The audio-visual passenger information will include information about connections.


The suspension will offer a higher level of comfort than the existing vehicles, and conditions for the drivers will be improved with ergonomic cabs and more comfortable seats.

Delivery and commissioning is scheduled between December 2023 and June 2024.

The Dolderbahn originally opened in 1895 as a funicular, but was extended and converted into a rack railway in 1972-73 with two Bhe 1/2 railcars supplied by SLM.

It is owned by Dolderbahn Betriebs AG, which is 50% owned by the city of Zürich, and operated by VBZ.

The journey time from Römerhof to Dolder via two intermediate stops is under 6 min, and the passing loop includes an unusual design of flexible rack turnout.