CHINA The first of 20 low-floor trams being built by CRRC Changchun for the light rail network now under construction in Jiaxing was formally unveiled in the city on March 17.


Branded as Nanhu, the five-section cars are 34·8 m long and 100% low-floor. They are designed to run at a maximum speed of 70 km/h and are equipped with a supercapacitor energy storage system for catenary-free operation.


Jiaxing’s first two lines totalling 15∙6 route-km with 26 stops are expected to open in July, with a 20 km third line following in 2023 The network will be operated by the Shenjia joint venture between Jiaxing Rail Co and the Keolis Shanghai JV of Keolis and Shanghai Shentong Metro Group.

Located on the Grand Canal in northern Zhejiang province, Jiaxing is roughly mid-way between Shanghai and Hangzhou. It is connected to both cities by a high speed line, with which the light rail network will interchange at Jiaxing Nan.