Krasnoyarsk PK TS Lionet tram in factory (3)

RUSSIA: PK TS’s Neva Electric Transport Works in St Petersburg has begun delivering 19 Type 71-911EM Lionet four-axle single-section low-floor trams ordered by the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

The order is being funded from a 2·4bn rouble federal Cleaner Air programme grant awarded to the city in July. This will be used to purchase a total of 25 trams and 50 trolleybuses to replace the city’s ageing fleet.

PK TS was the sole bidder for the tram contract, which is valued at 971m roubles. Deliveries are scheduled to be completed by December 10.

The new trams are more accessible than the older vehicles they are replacing. They feature CCTV, climate control, passenger information and USB sockets.