TSB maglev (2)

CHINA: The first ‘production’ version of Max Bögl Group’s urban maglev vehicle has been delivered from München airport to Chengdu on an Antonov Airlines 124-100 Ruslan aircraft.

TSB maglev (1)

The two-car unit will be used on a 3·5 km guideway which Max Bögl and local partner Xinzhu have built to demonstrate the Transport System Bögl concept for a low to medium-speed maglev for urban use.

TSB was developed when Max Bögl revisited the ideas behind Germany’s abandoned Transrapid maglev project, with the company building a short test guideway in Sengenthal near Nürnberg to refine the infrastructure, vehicle and control technology.

TSB uses track girders 1·2 m high and 23·5 m long, which is the supplier says is lighter than required for conventional steel wheel vehicles and is intended to reduce material costs and be more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Westermo has supplied a redundant ring ethernet data communication network for the Chengdu test track.