Ruhrbahn Essen CAF tram impression

GERMANY: Essen and Mülheim transport operator Ruhrbahn has awarded CAF a €150m contract to supply 51 light rail vehicles, which will enable the complete replacement of its Stadtbahn-B cars as well as the P86/P89 sets which were acquired second-hand from London’s Docklands Light Railway.

Ruhrbahn Essen CAF tram contract

The 28 m long and 2 650 mm wide bidirectional high floor LRVs will have a capacity of 173 passengers, with two multipurpose areas for wheelchairs or prams and interiors similar to the operator’s NF2 and NF4 LRVs. They will be fitted with a driver assistance system, and rear view cameras instead of mirrors.

Ruhrbahn specified the use of air spring bogies, which the operator said had been proven by the smooth running and comfort of the Stadtbahn-B cars.

CAF is scheduled to delivery two pre-series LRVs in the first half of 2024, with series vehicles following until 2026.

‘Continuous investment in infrastructure and technology is essential for a modern transport company like Ruhrbahn’, said the operator’s Managing Director Michael Feller when the contract was signed on June 17. ‘In the future, our passengers will be able to enjoy modern and comfortable vehicles’.