Pesa ostatnia dostawa DSC07617

POLAND: PESA Bydgoszcz has completed the delivery of 35 Twist low-floor trams ordered by Tramwaje Śląskie.

Pesa ostatnia dostawa DSC07672

The 221m złoty EU co-financed contract placed in June 2018 covered 27 Type 2017N trams which are 25 m long and designed specifically for Tramwaje Śląskie, and eight Type 2012N-10 trams which are 32 m long. All trams have air-conditioning, USB sockets, wi-fi modules, an audio-visual passenger information system and facilities for passengers with disabilities.

Deliveries began in mid-July 2020, and the final car was delivered on April 22.

Tramwaje Śląski. Pesa Twist 2017N (Photo:Łukasz Folda/Tramwaje Śląskie)

In December 2020 the operator exercised a 30m złoty option for a further five 2017N trams, which are scheduled to arrive by the end of September 2022 but could be delivered earlier.

‘We all remember that the almost three years from signing the contract were sometimes difficult for PESA’, said Tramwaje Śląskie management board President Bolesław Knapik. ‘However, we believed in the recovery plan adopted by the company and we were not disappointed. We are satisfied that PESA has regained its balance and has delivered all the ordered cars.’