Photo: Stefan Baguette

The Tram 2000 vehicles are being displaced from Zürich by new Flexity2 cars.

UKRAINE: The city of Vinnytsia is to receive a batch of second-hand Tram 2000 vehicles from Zürich, under a co-operation agreement signed on December 23.


The deal agreed at the Swiss Embassy in Kyiv provides for the transfer to the Ukrainian city of 35 trams dating from between 1976 and 1983, with provision for a further 35 to follow after 2025. The Swiss government has agreed to provide SFr3·25m to cover the cost of transporting the vehicles and the provision of spare parts, while the municipality will contribute SFr300 000 to fund the commissioning work and the provision of maintenance facilities.


At present, the 21 route-km metre-gauge network in Vinnytsia is largely operated by Mirage articulated trams as well as a few Karpfen four-axle cars and trailers, which were displaced from Zürich by the delivery of Cobra vehicles in 2007-11. The city has received 105 Swiss trams to date, of which around 60 are required in service each day. Delivery of the second batch of Tram2000 vehicles from 2025 is expected to enable the phasing out of all older models including the few remaining Tatra KT4SU trams dating from the early 1970s.