Integral Coach factory is building six 13-car diesel-electric multiple-units for Sri Lanka Railways.

SRI LANKA: The first of six 13-car diesel-electric multiple-units which Indian Railways’ Integral Coach factory is building for Sri Lanka Railways was unveiled at the manufacturer’s plant in Chennai on November 12 .

The order was placed with ICF and RITES under an India-Sri Lanka economic co-operation agreement. It covers a total of 78 coaches of five types intended for short and medium distance travel on non-electrified routes.

Each of the units will have two driving power cars with an 1 800 hp engine, IGBT converters, three-phase transmission and also four economy class seats. There are two driving trailer cars in each set each with 60 economy class seats, plus two air-conditioned chair cars with 52 rotatable seats and infotainment systems, two business class chair cars with 64 unidirectional bucket seats equivalent to first class in suburban trains, and five economy class coaches with 90 cushioned bench seats equivalent to second class seating in suburban trains.

The 20 m long car bodies and interior fittings are made from stainless steel to provide corrosion resistance for operation on coastal routes. The bogies and underframes are painted to inhibit corrosion, and inter-vehicle electrical connections meet IP67 standards to prevent water ingress during heavy rain. The outer ends of the driving vehicles have aerodynamic steel front ends, AAR autocouplers and side buffers.

The traction motors and gear boxes were designed and made by Traktionssysteme Austria, and the braking systems by Knorr-Bremse. Remote monitoring equipment is fitted.

ICF said features include ‘plush’ interiors, GPS based passenger information systems with LCD screens and LED lighting. The flooring comprises sound proof cork sandwich board with halogen-free rubber. The cabs include digital displays, comfortable adjustable seats and fire detection and alarm systems.

The cabs and guard’s compartment are air-conditioned, while passengers areas have oscillating fans. The driving motor cars have toilets for the crew, and the trailer coaches have passenger toilets. The driving trailer cars have accessible toilets, and there are three wheelchair spaces.

  • An in-depth article on the modernisation of Sri Lanka’s railway network including the proposed electrification of suburban corridors around Colombo appeared in the August 2018 issue of Railway Gazette International magazine, which subscribers can access in the digital archive.