CHINA: The National Development & Reform Commission has given the go-ahead for construction of the Taiyuan – Jiaozuo passenger-dedicated line, which is expected to take 4½ years.

The 362 km double track alignment will be designed for 250 km/h operation, with a minimum curve radius of 3 000 m. There will be 13 stations at Taiyuan Nan, Mingli, Puzhong, Taigu Dong, Yushe Xi, Wuxiang Xi, Xiangyuan Dong, Changzhi Dong, Changzhi Nan, Gaoping Dong, Jincheng Dong, Boai and Jiaozuo. Traffic is estimated at 40 million passenger-journeys/year.

The cost is estimated at 43·13bn yuan, including 39·76bn for the infrastructure and 3·37bn yuan for rolling stock. Of this, 12·31bn yuan will come from the government of Shanxi province, 0·87bn yuan from the province’s Yushe city investment fund, 1·15bn yuan from the government of Henan and 8·54bn yuan from CRRC. The remaining funding will come from banks.