Book review.

Trailblazer has published the fourth edition of its guide to touring Japan by rail (Photo: Akihiro Nakamura).

by Ramsey Zarifeh and Anna Udagawa

The fourth edition of this guide to touring Japan by rail has been extensively updated to reflect the opening of the Hokuriku and Hokkaido Shinkansen, and to provide additional information about the country’s many private railways. It provides practical information for visitors, along with details and maps of 27 principal towns and cities. There are also 33 route maps and guides covering a range of suggested itineraries on different railway corridors. As well as information about popular tourist destinations, tbe book provides information about getting off the beaten track.

There is a glossary of Japanese terms and useful phrases, including an introduction to Japanese scripts. There is a specific section dealing with rail travel, covering railway vocabulary, helpful tips and an outline of service levels on key routes.

ISBN 978-1-905864-39-3

£16·99 from Trailblazer Guides, The Old Manse, Tower Rd, Hindhead, Surrey GU26 6SU, UK.