Book review

By Stanley Hall and Peter van der Mark

Level crossings are ‘the place where two very different transport cultures meet: the homogeneous, disciplined, professional and safety-first oriented railway culture versus the heterogeneous, largely non-professional and comparatively undisciplined road traffic culture.’

Written by a former British Rail Head of Signalling & Safety, this 128-page book looks at the design and legislative history of level crossings. Although the main focus is on the UK, a chapter by train driver van der Mark gives an international perspective, considering developments in Europe, Australasia, Asia and North America, concentrating on countries where research is undertaken into crossing safety and accidents are more thoroughly investigated.

ISBN 978 0 7110 3308 5

£19·99 from Ian Allan Publishing, Mail Order Dept, Watling Drive, Hinkley, LE10 4EY, UK