Book review

By Alexander Vogt

Winner of the Friedrich List award in 2008, this MA thesis looks at the evolution of the European rail freight market in the light of EU policy to introduce competition from 1991.

The first section provides an introduction to the geographical, political and economic aspects of the market, and the second is an analysis based on interviews with industry professionals in Germany, France and the Netherlands. It looks at the activities of around 160 entrants to the German freight market, compares the degree of liberalisation in different countries, and then takes a look at the internationalisation of the European rail freight industry.

Vogt finds that some market challenges have diminished, but a number of barriers to entry remain, including obtaining safety certificates, sourcing and licensing of interoperable locomotives, and a general shortage of locomotive drivers.

ISBN 978-3-00-025309-6

Available on CD for €55 from Econex Verkehrsconsult GmbH Postfach 110129 D-42301 Wuppertal, Germany