Book review

The third edition of the final book in the Quail Track Diagram series providing detailed track layouts of Great Britain’s rail network completes the full revision since 2005 of this valuable series in a new and much improved format. The use of colour to identify tracks electrified on different systems is a valuable innovation. The books cover heritage railways, metros, light rail and tramways as well as Network Rail.

This latest volume covers NR’s Kent, Sussex and Wessex routes, broadly speaking England south of a line from London to Exeter. It includes the urban railways in London, the Channel Tunnel and Britain’s first 300 km/h line, connecting the Channel Tunnel to London. Heritage railways and minor lines are also covered.

ISBN 978-0-9549866-4-3

£14·95 from Trackmaps, Little Court, Upper South Wraxall, Bradford on Avon, BA15 2SE, UK