Book review

by JNC Boonzaaier

For 12 years, Bushveld Train Safaris carried trainloads of tourists on extensive tours of South Africa’s main lines and branches, with some trips into Namibia, reaching as far as Walvis Bay.

The enterprise came to an end when Spoornet, desperately short of motive power, was unable to provide locomotives for tour trains after January 1 2007. At this point commentator and raconteur JNC ‘Boon’ Boonzaaier, the creator of BTS, who managed and accompanied every excursion, sat down to write about the railways that his trains traversed.

The history of South Africa’s railways is recounted in 349 pages, complemented by details of distances, altitudes, electrification, and bridge and tunnel statistics. There are 80 detailed maps and more than 600 colour photographs.

The book is also available in Afrikaans under the title Spore Oor Die Veld.

ISBN 978-0-620-41711-2

R459 from Bushveld Train Safaris, PO Box 237, Warm Baths, 0480, South Africa