CAF rolling stock factory in Spain.

SPAIN: CAF Group has launched CAF Startup Station as a venture client unit which will partner with ‘top tier’ start-ups with ideas for the rail and bus sectors.

CAF Startup Station will provide the entire CAF Group with in-house services to identify start-ups, validate their ideas through pilot projects and support implementation.

The initiative covers CAF’s internal R&D, manufacturing, logistics and IT activities, as well as its core business supplying the public transport sector.

‘Using CAF Startup Station, we are establishing the ideal conditions to apply innovative products and solutions directly at CAF’s divisions and business units’, said Corporate Development & New Business Manager Jokin Lopetegi on July 2.

‘Establishing a client relationship with start-ups gives us the opportunity to test a wide range of solutions and, once validated in successful pilot projects, to implement them in the company. Accordingly, using start-up solutions in CAF becomes scalable and contributes towards a strategic competitive advantage.’