LeShuttle Freight logo

EUROPE: Channel Tunnel concessionaire Getlink has announced what it calls a ‘major rebranding initiative’ for its Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight lorry shuttle service, which will now be known as LeShuttle Freight.

This is part of a ‘full brand evolution across both the freight and car passenger services’, with a ‘distinctive new identity’ which ’embodies the simplicity, ease, and efficiency with which Le Shuttle operates, taking the driver and goods from A to B and paving the way for a period of exciting modernisation for LeShuttle Freight’.

Channel Tunnel freight Shuttle (Photo: Eurotunnel)

The branding and logo were developed by agency Landor & Fitch. The logo represents speed, efficiency and driver care, with elongated letterforms connecting to show the movement of goods through the Channel Tunnel, and the connections in the logo communicate the ‘ease and efficiency’ with which LeShuttle Freight takes users from A to B.

LeShuttle originally used the red white and blue colours of the French and British flags; but the new colours ‘focus on what unites the two countries, rather than sets them apart’.

The primary palette is one of premium monochromes, providing a ‘sophisticated background for secondary and tertiary palettes to shine’. LeShuttle Freight transitions to an aqua palette, with the core colour Vivid Aqua, representing ’the stability, peace and tranquillity of the journey’. Four accent colours, named The Beauty of Europe, have been inspired by the scenery of European travels.

The lorry shuttle service launched in 1994 and has now carried more than 700 million tonnes of freight; the 33 millionth lorry was carried last year.