Channel Tunnel concessionaire Groupe Eurotunnel has changed its name to Getlink.

EUROPE: Channel Tunnel concessionaire Groupe Eurotunnel changed its name to Getlink with effect from November 20, saying the new brand reflected ‘the dynamism of connection and exchange’.

Getlink is the parent company for four brands: Channel Tunnel operator Eurotunnel, French private rail freight operator Europorte, railway training centre CIFFCO, and the future ElecLink electrical interconnector.

‘Getlink is all that is Eurotunnel and more than just Eurotunnel’, said Chairman & CEO Jacques Gounon. ‘Originally the promoter of the Channel Tunnel, itself an historic technological achievement, over the past 10 years the group has transformed and is now in perfect shape to take on the challenges of new forms of mobility.’

Getlink said it transports more than 20 million passengers, 1·6 million lorries, 2·6 million cars and almost 2 billion tonne-km of freight a year, and ElecLink is expected to carry 1 GW of electricity.

‘With revenues of over €1bn, an operating margin of 50% and predictable cash flows up to 2086, Getlink has demonstrated the effectiveness and resilience of its economic model’, he added. ‘It is on this same basis that we will continue to generate growth by offering our customers high value adding solutions, as exampled by ElecLink.’