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RUSSIA: Transmashholding company LocoTech-Signal has opened a research laboratory in Moscow where it will test the HMR9 computer based interlocking developed by Progress Rail’s Italian subsidiary ECM and adapt it to suit conditions in the 1 520 mm gauge region.

LocoTech-Signal is developing its Ctrl@Lock400 platform based on HMR9 software, with deployment in Kazakhstan planned for this year.

‘The accumulated experience of LocoTech-Signal specialists in preparing railway systems for operation in the 1520 space, combined with the openness of the HMR9 platform software, make it possible for the Ctrl@Lock400 to be adapted in a short time’, said Andrey Romanchikov, Managing Director of TMH and Head of LocoTech-Signal. ‘Customers will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable configuration, from fully centralised to the most decentralised, which is facilitated by the availability of equipment with an extended operating temperature range.’