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  • Moscow Metro disinfects tunnels (1)
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    Moscow Metro disinfects tunnels


    RUSSIA: Moscow Metro has been using modified infrastructure inspection vehicles to spray all its tunnels with liquid disinfectant. The disinfecting programme aims to tackle the coronavirus. As well as all tunnels used by revenue services, the scope includes tunnels which are used ...

  • RZD Logistics (1)

    Sanctioned European goods transit Russia to reach China by rail


    INTERNATIONAL: EU goods which are subject to Russian sanctions can now be transported from Europe to China by rail using electronic seals during transit through Russia. A test shipment of frozen salmon travelled from the Netherlands to Duisburg, where it left for ...

  • ru Samara metro train (2)
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    Samara Metro train delivered


    RUSSIA: Samara Metro has taken delivery of another four-car trainset from Transmashholding’s Metrowagonmash factory, augmenting the 46-car fleet used on its single 11·6 km line. Ordered in October 2019, the extra train is the ‘latest and most advanced’ variant of the 81-717/714 ...

  • UKVZ tram
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    Krasnodar orders 56 trams


    Source: Oleg Bodnya RUSSIA: UKVZ has won four separately-tendered contracts to supply a total of 56 unidirectional trams to the city of Krasnodar The orders announced on March 20 cover a total of 29 Type 71-623-04 trams to be delivered this year, and another 27 ...

  • ru UWC hopper car for mineral fertilizers

    TOAZ orders high-capacity fertiliser wagons


    RUSSIA: Chemical producer Togliattiazot has ordered 200 mineral fertiliser hopper wagons from United Wagon Co, with deliveries from the Tikhvin plant anticipated by the end of May. UWC said this was the customer’s first order for wagons built to the latest generation of designs. The Type ...

  • rzd-photo-03

    Redesigning Russian Railways tickets


    RUSSIA: National railway RZD is to roll out a revised electronic ticket design in the first half of 2020 with the aim of providing passengers with easier and faster access to information about their journey, fare and seat or sleeping berth. RZD has worked with graphics ...

  • UWC six-axle articulated hopper wagon

    Articulated hopper wagons certified


    RUSSIA: United Wagon Co has obtained certification for two designs of six-axle articulated hopper car with 25 tonne axleload bogies. The Type 19-6978 is intended for grain traffic, and the Type 19-6978-01 for mineral fertilisers. Both types have a capacity of 160 m 3 or ...

  • rmrail-van

    RM Rail to begin series production of covered van design


    RUSSIA: Wagon manufacturer RM Rail has obtained certification for its Type 11-1268 van design, and expects to begin series production in March. The design offers an axleload of 23·5 tonnes, a capacity of 68 tonnes and a floor area of 52·8 m 2 . The wide-opening ...

  • Central Suburban Passenger Co has awarded Transmashholding’s Demikhovsky factory a contract to supply 10 EP2D electric multiple-units.

    Moscow suburban EMU order


    RUSSIA: Transmashholding’s Demikhovo plans is to supply a further 10 EP2D 11-car DC electric multiple-units to Moscow operator Central Suburban Passenger Co between February and May this year. The manufacturer said the EMUs would combine modern looks and high performance with passenger comfort and safety. The ...

  • Transmashholding 3TE25K2M locomotive

    Russian Railways puts 9·3 MW diesel locomotives into service


    RUSSIA: Transmashholding’s Bryansk works has delivered 12 three-section 9·3 MW locomotives, which the manufacturer says are the most powerful diesels in the 1 520 mm gauge region. The 3TE25K2M has been developed from the 2TE25K Persvet twin-section design, of which 502 have been produced since 2005. ...

  • Russian Railways’ Kaliningrad division is upgrading its fleet to handle an increase in traffic through the exclave.

    Standard gauge locos to handle traffic through Kaliningrad


    RUSSIA: Five 1 435 mm gauge shunting locomotives have been delivered to Russian Railways’ Kaliningrad division, which is upgrading its fleet to handle an increase in traffic through the exclave. This includes China – Europe transit freight which is being routed through Kaliningrad to avoid congestion ...

  • tn_tram-painted-on-road_f8bea3.jpg
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    Phoenix included in Novokuznetsk tram order


    RUSSIA: UKVZ was the sole bidder for a 378m-rouble contract to supply the city of Novokuznetsk with seven single-section partially low-floor trams and two two-sectional fully low-floor vehicles. The shorter cars are likely be Type 71-623, while the two-section cars are expected to be the new ...

  • ru-Crimea_bridge_arch

    Putin inaugurates Kerch Strait rail link


    EUROPE: The 18·1 km railway bridge across the Kerch Strait connecting Russia and Crimea was formally inaugurated by President Vladimir Putin on December 23.

  • St Peterburg Vitebsky station (Photo: Vladimir Waldin)
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    St Petersburg passenger rail investment agreement


    RUSSIA: Governor Alexander Beglov has announced that the government of St Petersburg and Russian Railways have confirmed their intention to invest 500bn roubles developing passenger rail services in and around the city by 2030. This would include spending of 90bn roubles in 2020-25. The plans ...

  • ru-sinara-skoda-tram impression
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    Škoda and Sinara establish vehicle joint venture


    RUSSIA: Škoda Transportation and Sinara Group have signed an agreement to establish a 50:50 joint venture for the production of metro trains, trams and trolleybuses. The joint venture, branded Sinara-Škoda will be headquartered in St Petersburg. ‘Russia is a huge and promising market in which we ...

  • Transmashholding’s Tver plant is to produce a pilot batch of 61-4517 and 61-4516 passenger coaches which will operate in coupled pairs.

    Production of paired coaches approved


    RUSSIA: Transmashholding’s Tver plant is to produce a pilot batch of 61-4517 and 61-4516 passenger coaches which will operate in coupled pairs, a concept which the manufacturer said was being implemented in Russia for the first time. Shipments are planned to start in September. One coach from each pair ...

  • RZD has begun construction of a rail link to serve terminals B and C at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport’s northern terminal complex (Photo: Toma Bacic).

    Moscow Sheremetyevo airport rail link expansion underway


    RUSSIA: RZD has begun construction of a rail link to serve terminals B and C at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport’s northern terminal complex. The first stage, to be completed in 2022, includes a 3 km mostly double-track line from the existing Sheremetyevo-2 station at the southern terminal complex to a ...

  • tn_ru-yakutia-nizhny-bestyakh-station.jpg

    Passenger trains start to serve Yakutsk


    RUSSIA: Regular passenger trains have started running on the northern section of the Yakutia Railway, following celebrations on July 27 attended by State Counsellor Vyacheslav Shtyrov, on behalf of the President of the Sakha Republic Aisen Nikolayev. Formal approval of the line for passenger operation was granted on July ...

  • tn_ru-Sakhalin-RA3_02-TMH.jpg  tn_ru-Sakhalin-RA3_03-TMH.jpg  tn_ru-Sakhalin-RA3_01-TMH.jpg

    Sakhalin diesel railcars outshopped


    RUSSIA: Three Class RA3 diesel multiple-units to operate regauged regional railway routes on Sakhalin were formally unveiled by Transmashholding on July 26, at a ceremony attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Sakhalin oblast government Vitaly Gudin, RZD’s Deputy General Director, Passenger, Dmitry Pegov, and the First Deputy General Director ...

  • Russian Railways is converting the rail network on the island of Sakhalin from 1 067 mm narrow gauge to 1 520 mm broad gauge.

    Sakhalin regauging makes progress


    RUSSIA: The first 1 520 mm gauge long-distance overnight passenger services on the island of Sakhalin began running on July 18, following conversion of the 500 km Vzmorye – Nogliki route from 1 067 mm to broad gauge. This marks the latest stage in a programme launched in 2003 ...