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  • Novotroitsk municipality has awarded PK Transportnye Systemy a 1bn rouble contract to supply 13 trams.
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    Novotroitsk tramway renaissance


    RUSSIA: Novotroitsk municipality has awarded PK Transportnye Systemy a 1bn rouble contract to supply 13 trams. Mayor Denis Menshikov announced on November 10 that the first of the trams was ready for delivery, and all are due to be delivered by March 2024. The ...

  • St Petersburg Uraltransmash retro tram (2)
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    St Petersburg goes back to Leningrad for tram styling


    RUSSIA: Uraltransmash has begun delivering trams to St Petersburg which have a retro styling inspired by vehicles which ran in what was then Leningrad from the 1950s and 1960s. The 42 three-section low-floor Type 71-431R Dostoevsky trams ordered in 2022 have a capacity of up to ...

  • Russian open tourist coach (1)

    Retro-styled open-sided coaches developed for tourist trains


    RUSSIA: Vagonremmash has developed a range of retro-styled open-sided coaches for use on tourist and cruise trains. They have a capacity of 80 passengers, with heated benches, power sockets and bicycle spaces. Over summer the coaches were used on the steam-hauled Ruskeala ...

  • Chelyabinsk tram
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    Chelyabinsk orders more trams


    RUSSIA: Sole bidder UKVZ has won a contract to supply 11 fully low-floor single-section trams to Chelyabinsk at a maximum price of 814m roubles. The first seven cars, expected to be Type 71-628-01 vehicles, are to be delivered by November 1, and the remainder by May ...

  • Moskva Central Diameter 4 EMU (4)
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    Moskva Central Diameter 4 launched


    RUSSIA: The fourth and longest of the Moskva Central Diameter cross-city suburban commuter lines has been launched. The 86 km MCD-4 was inaugurated on September 9 by President Vladimir Putin and Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. The route covers 86 km from Aprelevka in the west ...

  • Samara trams
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    Samara tram deliveries begin


    RUSSIA: Belarusian manufacturer BKM has delivered the first three of 12 T811 trams for use in the city of Samara. The trams are being leased from Sberbank Leasing under a seven-year agreement worth 1·1bn roubles. The fully low-floor single-section cars have a maximum speed of 60 ...


    RZD orders electric multiple-units


    RUSSIA: Russian Railways has awarded Transmashholding a contract to supply 13 EP2DM DC electric multiple-units totalling 76 cars by the end of the year. The agreement was signed on August 24 at the 1520 Pro//Dvizhenie.Expo trade fair in St Petersburg, where the first of the trains ...

  • TMH EMKA2 loco

    Electric-battery shunting locomotive unveiled


    RUSSIA: Transmashholding’s Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant unveiled its EMKA2 electric-battery shunting locomotive at the PRO//Dvizhenie.Expo trade fair in St Petersburg, saying more than 90% of the components were designed and manufactured domestically. The EMKA2 is derived from the TEM23 modular diesel locomotive. It is designed for ...

  • Lipetsk UKVZ tram delivery
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    Trams delivered for Lipetsk PPP modernisation programme


    RUSSIA: Tram manufacturer UKVZ has delivered the first two of 46 vehicles being supplied to Lipetsk as a part of a project to upgrade and expand the network. The modernisation is being undertaken by Movista Regions under a 20-year PPP agreement signed in 2022. State development ...

  • Moskva Central Diameter Line 3
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    Third Moskva Central Diameter line launched


    RUSSIA: The third Moskva Central Diameter cross-city regional express route was opened by President Vladimir Putin and Mayor Sergey Sobyanin on August 17. The MCD lines are being developed by modernising existing radial suburban railways and linking them up to form RER-style cross-city routes. The programme ...

  • Sinara Transport Machines Lastochka ES104 Vostok EMU

    Sinara presents domestically produced Lastochka EMU


    RUSSIA: Sinara Transport Machines presented a prototype of its domestically designed and manufactured Lastochka ES104 Vostok EMU during the Innoprom-2023 fair in Yekaterinburg. The unveiling was attended by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Belarus’s Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko, and Kazakh Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov. The ES104 ...

  • Moscow Metro digital rouble
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    Digital rouble to be tested on the Moskva Metro


    RUSSIA: Moskva Metro is to test fare payment using the digital rouble which is being developed by Bank of Russia to act as a national currency alongside cash. An initial 13 banks are to begin testing the digital rouble from August 15, with gradual introduction into ...

  • St Petersburg PK TS tram (Photo Vladmir Waldin)
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    St Petersburg operator orders 116 trams


    RUSSIA: PK TS has been awarded a 16·5bn rouble contract to supply 116 low-floor trams to St Petersburg operator Gorelektrotrans. Local company PK TS was the sole respondent in an initial call for tenders, but its offer was deemed non-compliant. A second call also attracted no ...

  • Russian tram
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    Driverless tram development agreement signed


    RUSSIA: A tram equipped for unattended driverless operation is to be developed and tested in St Petersburg. An agreement to undertake the project was signed on June 2 by tram manufacturer PK TS, automation technology company Cognitive Pilot and St Petersburg operator Gorelektrotrans, which will provide ...

  • Transpnevmatika brakes

    Russian company launches domestic production of disc brakes


    RUSSIA: Transpnevmatika has begun the series production of disc brake systems for use on Transmashholding’s Ivolga 3 electric multiple-units and the newly launched ES104 Vostok EMU. The ES104 is a domestic design developed as an alternative to the Lastochka EMUs derived from the Siemens Desiro range, ...

  • St Petersburg UKVZ tram (Photo Vladimir Waldin)
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    UKVZ awarded St Petersburg tram contract


    RUSSIA: UKVZ has won a tender to supply 14 fully low-floor, single section, four-axle trams to St Petersburg in 2023-24. UKVZ last supplied trams to St Petersburg in 2017, when it delivered Type 71-631 vehicles. The latest order is worth 1·3bn roubles and covers trams with ...

  • PK TS tram
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    St Petersburg light rail vehicle contract awarded


    RUSSIA: Concessionaire BaltNedvizhService has awarded PK TS a 4bn rouble contract to supply trams for the Kupchino – Shushary – Slavyanka fast light rail route which is under construction in St Petersburg. The 21 km line is being built under a 30-year PPP agreement signed by ...

  • RZD EMUs

    Russian Railways orders suburban EMUs


    RUSSIA: Transmashholding’s Demikhovsky plant has been awarded a contract to supply Russian Railways with 42 suburban electric multiple-units totalling 220 cars by the end of 2023. The order includes four to eight-car EP2D 3kV DC EMUs, and four to 10-car EP3D 25 kV 50 Hz units. ...

  • Rostov-na-Donu tram
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    Rostov-na-Donu tramway reconstruction concession signed


    RUSSIA: Sinara City Transport Solutions has signed a public-private partnership concession agreement for the upgrading and expansion of the tram network in Rostov-na-Donu. The work to be undertaken in 2023-28 includes the modernisation of 43·7 km of track and 15 substations, and the construction of 75·3 ...

  • Krasnoyarsk tram
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    Krasnoyarsk tramway modernisation concession signed


    RUSSIA: An agreement for the modernisation of the tram network in the city of Krasnoyarsk has been signed by the regional authority and tramway project PPP concessionaire Movista Regions. The agreement signed on March 6 covers the procurement of 50 two-section low-floor trams, along with the ...