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  • The 10-car version of the Sinara/Siemens joint venture’s Lastochka EMU offers more capacity than a pair of five-car units.

    Long-distance Lastochka EMUs on test


    RUSSIA: Certification testing has begun with the latest member of Ural Locomotives’ Lastochka electric multiple-unit family, a 10-car variant which is intended for use on inter-regional routes of up to 700 km. Revenue services are planned to start this summer, with ...

  • UWC Type 13-6903 container wagon

    RB Group orders 3 600 wagons for Asia – Europe traffic


    RUSSIA: RB Group has ordered 3 600 Type 13-6903 container wagons from United Wagon Co. The 80ft wagons have a capacity of 74·5 tonnes and can carry 20, 30 or 40 ft containers including refrigerated containers and tank containers of up to 36 tonnes. ‘The ...

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    Metro Report International

    Ufa tramway modernisation agreement signed


    RUSSIA. Sinara Urban Transport Solutions, the Ministry of Economic Development and the government of the Republic of Bashkortostan have signed an agreement for a comprehensive modernisation of the tram network in Ufa. Investment of 27·6bn roubles is planned in 2022-24, including building a line connecting ...

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    Metro Report International

    ‘Big Circle’ expands as Moscow opens another segment of Line 11


    RUSSIA: A further section of Moscow Metro’s Bolshaya Koltsevaya ‘Big Circle’ Line 11 to the west of the city centre was formally opened by the capital’s mayor Sergey Sobyanin on April 1. Running for 4·6 km from Mnevniki to a ...

  • Ctrl2go Picture 1

    Interlocking lab opens


    RUSSIA: Transmashholding company LocoTech-Signal has opened a research laboratory in Moscow where it will test the HMR9 computer based interlocking developed by Progress Rail’s Italian subsidiary ECM and adapt it to suit conditions in the 1 520 mm gauge region. LocoTech-Signal is developing its Ctrl@Lock400 ...

  • ru-zabaikalsk-electric-train-RZD

    RZD completes Zabaikalsk electrification


    RUSSIA: Russian Railways has completed the 25 kV 50 Hz electrification of its 365 km line from a junction with the Trans-Siberian Railway at Karymskaya to Zabaikalsk on the Chinese border.

  • Sinara Transport Machines 2TE35A locomotive design option

    Ural Locomotives factory to produce ‘fully Russian’ main line diesel locomotives


    RUSSIA: Sinara Transport Machines has announced that its ‘fundamentally new, fully Russian’ 2TE35A main line diesel locomotives are to be produced at the Ural Locomotives factory near Yekaterinburg. STM and Russian Railways signed a framework agreement for the supply of 2ES6A electric and 2TE35A diesel ...

  • ru-akhtuba-bridge-RZD

    Akhtuba bridge eliminates Caspian bottleneck


    RUSSIA: The last single-track section of the route to the Caspian Sea port of Astrakhan has been eliminated as part of an RZD programme to increase capacity in the region.

  • Russian railway wagons

    Sportswear from Japan to the UK by rail and sea


    INTERNATIONAL: Operator Russian Railways and shipper Maersk have operated a first container train carrying Japanese goods bound for the UK along the Trans-Siberian route between Vostochny and St Petersburg. The train carried 40 40 ft containers of sportswear and equipment which had been transported by ...

  • Moscow tram PK TS Vityaz
    Metro Report International

    Supercapacitors and sensors on latest generation of Moscow trams


    RUSSIA: Moscow has taken delivery of the first four of the latest generation of PK TS Vityaz-M trams, ordered under a 30-year contract which covers the supply and maintenance of 74 three-section and 40 single-section vehicles. Features include supercapacitors which are expected to reduce traction ...

  • tn_ru-stpetersburg-metro-nevskiyprospekt-sign_01.jpg
    Metro Report International

    St Petersburg metro orders battery electric locomotives


    RUSSIA: Metrowagonmash is to supply the St Petersburg Metro with two battery electric locomotives for shunting and maintenance duties. The locos are scheduled to be delivered by May 2022, as part of a programme to renew the metro’s non-revenue fleet during 2020-25. They will ...

  • Coal exported from Russian to China in containers

    Containerising coal simplifies the break of gauge


    ASIA: Russian Railways has begun the regular export of containerised coal from Krasnokamensk and Priargunsk to China through the Zabaikalsk border crossing, with the use of 20 ft open-top containers simplifying transhipment at the break of gauge. Each 20 ft container can hold 34 tonnes ...

  • tn_ru-rzd-tmh-bryansk-2te25km-locos_03.jpg

    Russian Railways to stop buying diesel-only locomotives by 2025


    RUSSIA: Only locomotives powered by electricity, natural gas or other alternative energy sources will be purchased by national railway RZD after 2025, according to Deputy General Director Chief Engineer Sergey Kobzev. ‘In the future, we are going to operate locomotives using rechargeable batteries, multiple-unit ...

  • UKVZ Type 71-628 tram on test in Ust-Katav (Photo: Yakov Titenok)
    Metro Report International

    Sinara to supply Moscow with UKVZ trams


     RUSSIA: Having won a contract to supply 90 trams to Moscow, Sinara City Transport Solutions has awarded UKVZ a subcontract to build the vehicles.

  • ru PK TS Corsair tram delivered to Kaliningrad
    Metro Report International

    Corsair narrow gauge tram delivered to Kaliningrad


    RUSSIA: PK TS’s first Type 71-921 Corsair tram has been delivered to Kaliningrad for testing on the city’s metre gauge network. The St Petersburg based manufacturer has designed the 2 300 mm wide articulated four-axle Corsair to meet the requirements of older ...

  • ru Moscow Metro Google Pay
    Metro Report International

    Moscow Metro expands payment options


    RUSSIA: Moscow Metro has worked with VTB bank, Google and Mastercard to enable passengers to use Google Pay on Android devices. Other payment systems are to be added. A smartphone with the screen turned on needs to be tapped on to the turnstile. ‘We see ...

  • Road scene recog

    Cognitive Pilot seeks to expand into European rail automation market


    INTERNATIONAL: Moscow-based vehicle automation specialist Cognitive Pilot intends to manufacture more than 2 000 of its Cognitive Rail Pilot driver assistance units next year as it looks to expand into western Europe.

  • ru-lastochka_1377
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    Russia: Distributed traction moves the crowds


    RZD rolling stock strategy is being driven by the need to provide better connectivity within its constituent regions and faster links between them, reports Vladimir Waldin.

  • ru perm_lionet_cars_
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    Lionet trams head to Izhevsk and Perm


    RUSSIA: PK TS is to deliver its four-axle 100% low-floor Lionet trams to two more cities. It is to supply 16 Type 71-911EM single-section vehicles to the city of Izhevsk this month, with the federal budget funding 60% of the 752m rouble cost as part of ...

  • UWC timber flat car

    Leasing company orders timber wagons


    RUSSIA: Leasing company Dessa has awarded United Wagon Co’s Tikhvin plant a contract to supply a further batch of Type 13-6895 flat wagons for timber traffic. The wagons are to be delivered in Q1 2021 and will be leased by Sodex. The 60 ft wagons with ...