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    Asia: ESCAP rethinks trans-continental supply chains


    Covid-19 and the Ukrainian crisis have impacted on Eurasian rail flows, but ESCAP believes railways still have a key role to play in an integrated multimodal transport system supporting global supply chains. Raghu Dayal reports.

  • Amur bridge

    Russia – China railway bridges the River Amur


    ASIA: The cross-border railway bridge over the River Amur linking Nizhneleninskoye in Russia with Tongjiang in China opened on November 16, with an initial 50-wagon train carrying iron ore from Russia to China. The bridge shortens the route between southeastern Siberia and the Jewish Autonomous Oblast ...

  • Perm tram
    Metro Report International

    Perm tramway modernisation concession awarded


    RUSSIA: A 30% increase in the commercial speed of tram services in Perm is expected following the award of a 20-year PPP concession for modernisation of the network. The local government has signed a contract with Movista Regions covering the reconstruction of 35 km of route ...

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    More Ivolga EMUs ordered to work Moscow Central Diameter lines


    RUSSIA: Moscow Metro has signed a contract with Metrowagonmash for the supply of 35 electric multiple-units to operate the capital’s next two Central Diameter regional express lines.

  • tn_ru-yakutia-nizhny-bestyakh-station.jpg

    Yakutia Railway agrees Magadan extension strategy


    RUSSIA: A planned 1 600 km extension of the regionally-owned Yakutia Railway to serve the Magadan region in the far east of the country is to be taken forward in three phases, with the first section expected to open around 2035. A co-operation agreement setting out a ...

  • Chelyabinsk tram
    Metro Report International

    Chelyabinsk orders 74 trams


    RUSSIA: UKVZ has won a contract to supply 74 trams to Chelyabinsk at cost of 74m roubles each. An initial 33 cars are due to be delivered by June 2023, and the remaining 41 by November 2023. The advance payment for each delivery is 80%. UKVZ ...

  • TMH EP2D

    Moscow suburban train order


    RUSSIA: Moscow’s Central Suburban Passenger Co has awarded Transhmashholding’s Tver-based TMH-PTR subsidiary a contract to supply 23 11-car DC electric multiple-units between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023. The contract awarded to the sole bidder is worth 20·5bn roubles including VAT. The EMUs will have a design ...

  • Krasnodar trams
    Metro Report International

    Krasnodar tram network expansion concession


    RUSSIA: Work has begun on a major tramway expansion programme in Krasnodar. This includes 71 km of new line to more than double the network by 2029, and the introduction of 10 to 12 new routes. Work on the western section is underway under an agreement ...

  • Nizhny Novgorod tram
    Metro Report International

    Nizhny Novgorod tramway modernisation PPP concession signed


    RUSSIA: A PPP concession covering modernisation of the tramway infrastructure in Nizhny Novgorod and the supply of 170 new trams has been signed by the regional government and Environmental Projects Ltd. The scope includes modernisation during 2023-26 of three depots, 15 traction substations and 149 km ...

  • Lipetsk tram
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    Lipetsk tramway renewal PPP concession signed


    RUSSIA: A 20-year PPP concession agreement for the modernisation of the Lipetsk tram network has been signed by regional governor Igor Artamonov, Mayor Evgenia Uvarkina and Movista Regions CEO Alexander Sovetnikov. Movista Regions will modernise 40·8 km of the existing 1 524 mm gauge infrastructure, build ...

  • TMH 3TE28 diesel locomotive

    3TE28 diesel loco for eastern Russia unveiled


    RUSSIA: Transmashholding’s Bryansk plant has unveiled its 3TE28 main line diesel locomotive, a three-section 18-axle design for hauling 7 100 tonne freight trains in eastern Russia. It uses TMH’s 8-9DGM diesel engine produced at the Kolomna works. The locomotive is to undergo 10 000 km of ...

  • St Petersburg TMH metro train (5)
    Metro Report International

    First of 950 cars delivered to St Petersburg metro


    RUSSIA: TMH delivered the first of 950 Baltiets cars to the St Petersburg metro operator on September 13, just 19 days after Petersburg Metropoliten and TMH subsidary Transholdleasing signed a 242·6bn rouble, 25-year contract for new trainsets to replace almost half the fleet. The eight-car trainset ...

  • Yekaterinburg inter-urban tram (1)
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    Yekaterinburg interurban tramway opens


    RUSSIA: The double-track interurban tram Route 333 running 8·6 km from Yekaterinburg to the neighbouring city of Verkhnaya Pyshma has been opened by Governor of the Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev and Mayor of Yekaterinburg Alexei Orlov. The line has been developed by the Verkhnepyshminsky Tramway subsidiary ...

  • TMH St Petersburg metro train agreement
    Metro Report International

    St Petersburg to replace almost half its metro fleet


    RUSSIA: St Petersburg metro operator Petersburg Metropoliten has signed a 25-year agreement for the lease of 950 metro cars from the Transholdleasing subsidiary of rolling stock manufacturer TMH. The agreement signed on August 26 is valued at 242·6bn roubles. The six and eight-car sets comprising Type ...

  • Nizhny Tagil retro tram (2)
    Metro Report International

    Nizhny Tagil boosts its tram fleet


    RUSSIA: Two single-section low-floor 71-415R trams built by UTM with retro styling have been delivered to Nizhny Tagil, and on August 16 Sverdlovsk oblast allocated a further 830m roubles for the acquisition of further vehicles. The next deliveries are likely to be ...

  • Kursk Movista
    Metro Report International

    Kursk tramway modernisation concession signed


    RUSSIA: A PPP agreement for the modernisation of tramway infrastructure in Kursk has been signed by the regional authority and transport concessionaire Movista Regions. The planners estimate that the modernisation programme will save passengers an average of 5 min per trip once the works have been ...

  • St Petersburg tram Slavyanka
    Metro Report International

    Construction of St Petersburg light rail line launched


    RUSSIA: St Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov has ceremonially launched construction of the 21 km Kupchino – Shushary – Slavyanka fast light rail line, which will be separate from the city’s existing tram network. The line is to be built under a 30-year PPP concession agreement signed ...

  • Novokuznetsk UKVZ tram
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    Novokuznetsk orders 12 trams


    RUSSIA: UKVZ has beaten three rival bids to win a contract to supply 12 trams to Novokuznetsk. The cost of 73·3m roubles per vehicle is being funded through the government’s the Cleaner Air programme. Deliveries are scheduled to start in mid-December, The Type 71-623-04 trams will ...

  • Moscow Metro Line 11 (5)
    Metro Report International

    Moscow rolling stock loans


    RUSSIA: The government has approved a second loan for the purchase of rolling stock for urban and suburban rail services around Moscow. The two 15-year, 3% loans approved in October and July have a total value of 106·7bn roubles. The city government intends to use 49·7bn ...

  • tn_ru-stpetersburg-cityscape.jpg

    TMH to move rolling stock production


    RUSSIA: An agreement for the development of an electric rolling stock factory in St Petersburg was signed by the city’s government and Transmashholding during June. The cost of at least 3bn roubles will be financed by TMH, which expects to create more than 1 000 new ...