Alstom's Savigliano plant.

Alstom, Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development and the Lombardia and Piemonte regions have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote research and development at Alstom’s Savigliano and Sesto San Giovanni sites. There will be investment in the development of an ‘innovative platform for the design and prototyping of regional trains’ for production in Savigliano, while Sesto San Giovanni will develop traction systems, fire prevention, the control desk and a control room to manage trains in commercial service.

Griwecolor Farben & Beschichtungen has rebranded its Antiphon range of sound-deadening products for thin-walled sheeting as Griwephon.

FS Italiane has paid €65·6m to buy back the 40% stake in station management company Centostazioni which was owned by Archimede 1. 'This is a decisive step towards creating a network of smart stations, more than 600 stations managed by a single owner, which is destined to become the beating heart of a system of integrated mobility infrastructure and services', said FS Italiane CEO Renato Mazzoncini on January 30. The stations are to be developed as intermodal hubs with bus terminals, parking, car hire, car and cycle sharing and electric car charging points, as well as temporary office space.