GERMANY: Bayern Transport Minister Joachim Herrmann and Siemens Mobility CEO Jochen Eickholt officially opened a locomotive service centre at the manufacturer’s München-Allach plant on October 1.

Siemens says the new 2000 m2 covered hall will enable it to undertake locomotive manufacturing and maintenance at a single location for the first time, creating synergies as production engineers receive direct feedback from their servicing colleagues. München’s location on major north–south and east–west rail corridors will also enable operators to send locomotives for servicing without the need for lengthy transfers.

A data centre has also been established at the site, where ‘huge amounts’ of information from remote diagnostic systems on vehicles worldwide will be analysed to identify patterns and improve predictive maintenance.

‘These two facilities will pave the way for Siemens to provide the rail service of the future’, said Eickholt. ‘Double-digit growth is expected in the market for digital service in particular, and we have invested in this field in Allach so that we can profit from this growth and create value for the benefit of our customers.’