RUSSIA: United Wagon Co produced a total of 19 100 wagons in 2017, up 20% from the previous year thanks to increasing demand for its modern designs as well as wider growth in the freight market. Production in the current year is expected to be between 19 000 and 20 000 wagons.

UWC continued to diversify its product range in 2017, with 11 more wagon designs certified taking the total number of types offered to 51.

Last year 76% of UWC’s output was sold to third parties, with its biggest customer being State Transportation Leasing Co which acquired more than 8 200 open wagons. Alfa leasing took delivery of 1 400 wagons, United Grain Co 649 hoppers, Lokotrans more than 500 timber wagons and vans, and Rusagrotrans 500 hoppers.

The remaining 24% of last year’s output was supplied to UWC’s leasing subsidiary Rail1520, which had a fleet of 13 300 vehicles at the end of 2017.