VR FleetCare bogie

FINLAND: The national railway group’s rolling stock maintenance company VR FleetCare is to standardise on the Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise software platform, which will be implemented by Infor’s local partner Midport Scandinavia.

It will be rolled out to 1 000 users, replacing a legacy system with the aim of supporting VR FleetCare’s growth plans and helping it to adapt to regulatory changes and the provision of services to multiple rail operators as the Finnish rail market opens up.

‘The opening of passenger rail transport to competition in Finland has dramatically increased the requirements from our customers, especially the demands around how maintenance operations are packaged to maximise runtime of railway fleets and to execute and report on activities at the individual component level’, said Jukka Rantanen, VR FleetCare programme director.

‘Combined with our need for scalability, as we expect substantially increased traffic volumes, we have developed a modern operating model, shortened as MoTo in Finnish. This demands a multi-tenant, cloud-based and easy-to-integrate ERP solution with deep maintenance functionality. This is what we have found in Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise and Midport. We have already seen the benefits of being able to plan within Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise for different scenarios such as the impact of Covid-19 or changes in production.’