AUSTRALIA: Wabtec Corp announced its acquisition of lineside sensor manufacturer Track IQ on October 12.

Track IQ products use acoustic sensors to monitor the condition of bearings and wheels on passing rolling stock. They are installed at more than 150 locations in countries including Australia, New Zealand, Brasil, USA, South Africa, Mexico, Ireland, India, China, UK, France and Norway. The company is based in South Australia, with offices in the USA and Europe, and has annual sales of around US$15m.

‘Track IQ expands our capabilities into an important segment of the wayside market’, said Wabtec President & CEO Raymond T Betler. ‘We see opportunities to integrate the company’s sensors into Wabtec’s existing train control, signalling and electronics product offerings. In addition, we can leverage Track IQ’s technology and expertise as we develop enhancements and additional features for our train control products.’