3D PRINTING: Wabtec has purchased an H2 binder jet printer from GE Additive that is to be used to 3D print components for the group’s locomotive, transit, engine and mining products.

The printer uses metal binder jetting with stainless steel 316, and Wabtec says that use with other materials is being developed.

As part of GE Additive’s H2 beta testing and partner programme, Wabtec is working with GE Additive on technology development in Cincinnati before the printer is shipped to Wabtec’s Grove City site in Pennsylvania, later this year.

‘Additive is one of the key technology pillars for our company and central in our efforts to drive innovation in the industries we serve’, said Philip Moslener, Global Director of the WabtecOne Platform & Applied Innovation. Wabtec has so far identified 250 components that could be for produced using additive manufacturing by 2025.