GATX Rail Europe's Jungenthal site

GERMANY: Franz Kaminski Waggonbau has acquired GATX Rail Europe’s Jungenthal facility at Misburg, near Hannover, which it plans to reopen under the name Franz Kaminski Hanover.

Hameln-based company Franz Kaminski Waggonbau undertakes rolling stock maintenance and refurbishment at workshops in Germany, France, Poland and Hungary. ‘We see this as an investment in our people who are dedicated maintenance and revision experts’, said Managing Director Karsten Elstner when the deal was announced. ‘We are expecting to have the workshop up and running by mid-November.’

GATX Rail Europe CEO Johann Feindert said ‘we are glad to be the facilitator of growth for Kaminski and are happy to see that our old premises serve a new purpose. We can thus make the capacities of the plant available to the market again.’