GERMANY: Stage 1 of the Chemnitzer Modell was inaugurated on October 10 when tram-train services began running between Chemnitz and the regional centres of Burgstädt, Mittweida and Hainichen to the northeast.

A connection between the tram and rail networks at Chemnitz Hauptbahnhof was completed in mid-2014, enabling the through running of tram-trains. This forms part of a project to link tram and heavy rail networks in the region. Following the start of tram-train operations between Chemnitz and Stollberg to the south in 2002 (Stage 0), four further stages of network development are envisaged:

  • Chemnitz to Thalheim (Stage 2);
  • Chemnitz to Niederwiesa, Ananberg-Buchholz and Olbernhau (Stage 3);
  • Chemnitz to Limbach-Oberfrohna (Stage 4);
  • Stollberg to Oelsnitz (Stage 5).

Services using the non-electrified regional rail lines are operated using Stadler Rail Valencia Citylink vehicles. Transport authority Verkehrsverbund Mittelsachsen ordered eight tram-trains in August 2012 under a €42·3m contract and a further four in June 2015 for €23·7m.

  • A feature article on the Chemnitzer Modell appears in the March 2016 issue of Metro Report International, available to subscribers in our digital archive.