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    China: Metro networks grow in 14 cities


    More than 300 km of new metro lines and extensions were commissioned in China during December 2023, with the completion of 19 projects in 14 cities. This meant that by the beginning of 2024, Chinese cities accounted for nine of the world’s 10 largest networks. Toma Bačić rounds up the latest additions.

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    Chongqing inaugurates two metro extensions


    CHINA: The second phases of Chongqing metro lines 9 and 10 were opened simultaneously on January 18, adding a further 14 route-km to the city’s extensive network, which now totals 492 km. Both are fast metro lines operated by six-car Type As trainsets approved for 100 ...

  • The second phase of Chongqing Rail Transit’s Line 4 opened from Tangjiatuo to Huangling on June 18
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    Chongqing Line 4 extended northeast


    CHINA: The second phase of Chongqing Rail Transit’s Line 4opened from Tangjiatuo to Huangling on June 18, adding 32·6 route-km and 15 stations. Construction began on January 25 2019, and local media reports suggest the project set a new record for speed of construction in Chongqing. ...

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    Chongqing, China: urban area rail network map

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    Chongqing Rail Transit (CRT)

    Opened 2005, China’s eighth metro; 11-line network serving 255 stations. See Chongqing network map.Construction of Line 1, an east-west heavy metro, began in the 1990s, and resumed in 2007 after 10-year hiatus during which Line 2 opened; the initial 14·2 km section from Shapingba east to Jiaochangkou in the city ...