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  • tr-istanbul-metro-maltepe-OCC-AYGM-TCDD
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    Digital Stations: Managing an intelligent hub


    A suite of digital control and management tools intended to improve the operation of stations is proving particularly valuable in managing capacity during the coronavirus pandemic, while paving the way for further process automation.

  • nl-Dordrecht moveable span bridge-image Pxhere
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    Netherlands: Cultural change leads to optimal infrastructure use


    Over the past two decades, the Dutch network has seen strong growth in train frequency, punctuality and user satisfaction. While infrastructure enhancements have played a part, Jan Swier argues that the potential of the network has been unlocked by structural and cultural change in the rail sector.

  • Scherpenhuizen_Hans.150916.HR.242.503.Malmö.Snälltåget Malmö (09.20)- Stockholm
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    Comment: Rebalancing public and private


    Nick Kingsley , Managing Editor, Railway Gazette International ‘We believe that the travel market will look completely different after the pandemic’, predicted Snälltåget’s Head of Sales Marco Andersson, when he confirmed that the Transdev subsidiary was focusing on 2021, rather than trying to run its overnight ...

  • Leaving The Hill
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    Australia: The hard truth about interstate freight


    High levels of taxation and track access charges are making rail freight uncompetitive with other modes, even on long hauls where speed and volume should give rail a natural advantage.

  • JLO_13
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    Spain: Two corridors to boost Iberian freight


    Upgrading and reconstruction is in progress to facilitate creation of two freight corridors in the Iberian peninsula. One will link Portugal’s Atlantic ports with the French border at Irún/Hendaye, while the other offers a direct route between the Levante region and the industrial heartlands of northern Spain. Mike Bent reports.

  • Tunnel
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    Spain: Gauge debate delays Pajares cut-off opening


    Completion of the long-planned Pajares cut-off in northern Spain as part of the country’s high speed network is now expected towards the end of this year. Inauguration is planned in 2022, reports Mike Bent.

  • Testbed locomotive
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    Freight: Lineas targets cost-effective ETCS


    Europe’s largest independent freight operator Lineas has decided to equip its diesel locomotives with a new generation of software-based ETCS onboard equipment being developed by The Signalling Company. Co-founders Stanislas PinteAlexandre Bétis and Christophe Lechevalier explain the thinking to Chris Jackson.

  • RG-CRH2C-2150
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    China: Dedicated doctors tend vast high speed network


    A dedicated fleet of trainsets designated as ’Doctor Yellow’ and ‘Doctor White’ is used to assess the condition of the high speed network across China. Murray Hughes reports.

  • ERSAT-4
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    Signalling: Verifying train position by satellite


    The ERSAT-Galileo Game Changer research project, which concluded last November, has laid the foundations for GNSS satellite location technology to support train positioning on secondary railways, potentially reducing the cost of ERTMS deployment.

  • Photo 6 Thalys test at Luchtbal-photo Alstom
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    Signalling: Taking ERTMS to the next level


    The European Rail Traffic Management System has reached a turning point, as pressure grows to speed deployment alongside the research into ‘game changer’ technologies which can underpin the future control, command and signalling framework.

  • gb-northern-face-coverings-200615-TM01
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    Comment: Getting back on track


    An essential first step will be to overcome the perception that public transport is dangerous, and emphasise that the risks can be managed. As well as putting the appropriate processes in place, it is vital to get the messaging right, and that needs to start now.

  • RBM362
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    China: Expansion drive continues


    Despite the impact of the coronavirus, expansion of the Chinese rail network is continuing steadily. Construction work is scheduled to get underway on no fewer than 116 new railway projects this year. Andrew Benton investigates.

  • _DSC2231a
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    China: CR targets recovery after Covid-19 slump


    China Railway’s ridership was hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown, but a range of initiatives are underway to stimulate recovery, while the construction of new lines continues unabated. Andrew Benton reports.

  • CRH400AF-C
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    China: Learning lessons from a remarkable programme


    Built in an astonishingly short time, China’s huge high speed network has solved the national railway’s capacity problem and generated benefits beyond the rail sector. A comprehensive report by the World Bank suggests there are valuable lessons for other countries too, finds Murray Hughes.

  • 16G.5136_XPT_CullerinWindfarmRGI
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    Australia: How far and how fast?


    High speed rail is once again being touted as a way to boost Australia’s economy after the coronavirus pandemic and improve transport sustainability, but for now the government is focusing on ‘faster rail’ links between regional centres. Chris Jackson investigates.

  • DB16024
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    Comment: A question of support


    Chris Jackson , Editor-in-Chief, Railway Gazette Governments and railways around the world are facing up to the economic turmoil engendered by the coronavirus pandemic and the threat of long-term recession. But as countries start easing their lockdown restrictions, the thinking needs to move from simply getting ...

  • Highspeed Anniversary 4
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    High speed: Reaping the economic benefits of HS1


    The high speed line between London and the Channel Tunnel generates annual benefits estimated at £427m, but there is still potential for another £100m if spare capacity is taken up.

  • JLO_19
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    High Speed: Open access comes to Spain


    December is set to see the launch of open access services on Spain’s high speed network. Mike Bent investigates.

  • Korail_DMZ_train_01
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    Asia: Restoring trans-Korean links


    Despite the high profile political tensions of recent years, the governments in Seoul and Pyongyang continue to develop plans for better rail links to facilitate trade across the Korean peninsula as well as growing freight flows to Asia and Europe. Toma Bačić investigates.

  • shutterstock_editorial_10628204b
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    China: Mixed fortunes on the Belt & Road


    While some projects being backed by China under the Belt Road Initiative have been impacted by Covid-19 precautions, others are forging ahead and further schemes are already taking shape, reports Andrew Benton .