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  • Denmark
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    Denmark - country profile


    Considerable investment has gone into fixed links across the Great Belt and Øresund, and the København Metro. Denmark is currently focusing on maintenance and renewals, and has ambitious plans for electrification, network and metro expansion.

  • Finland
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    Finland - country profile


    Rolling programmes of electrification and incremental mainline upgrades have improved inter-city passenger services, with most of the network now fit for use by Pendolino and double-deck inter-city trains.

  • United Kingdom
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    United Kingdom - country profile

    Since restructuring and privatisation in the 1990s, infrastructure has now returned to public ownership. An electrification programme has stalled, and franchise renewal is under review.

  • Germany
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    Germany - country profile


    Since reunification much investment has been channeled into ‘unity projects’ meant to integrate east and west, into other high-speed railway projects, rolling stock and station modernisation.

  • Panama
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    Panama - country profile

    The sole railway, between Panamá City and Colón, was concessioned in 1998. Metro construction continues in Panamá City, with the first line opened in 2014, a second line added in 2019, and a third under construction.

  • Slovakia
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    Slovakia - country profile

    Restructuring to separate infrastructure management from operations during the 2000s has been followed by private sector and open access services; infrastructure modernisation has improved efficiency.

  • Eswatini
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    Eswatini (Swaziland) - country profile

    Much of the network has become moribund, leaving the network handling only sugar exports through Mozambique and some imports via its Matsapha yard, but the Swazilink project could bring significant investment.

  • Sweden flag
    Country profile

    Sweden - country profile

    Sweden has focussed on network capacity and speed upgrades with some new construction, with long-term plans for new lines. State-owned, open access and contract operators provide passenger services, with frieght open to full competition.

  • Thailand
    Country profile

    Thailand - country profile

    Network upgrades including double-tracking have aimed at increasing capacity and reducing freight transit times. High speed plans remain at the development stag. Bangkok’s urban network is expanding.

  • Turkey
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    Turkey - country profile

    Renewal and expansion has included high speed lines from Ankara to Eskisehir in 2009, and to Konya in 2011. Istanbul’s metro has expanded greatly, and a dozen cities have built light rail lines.

  • Mozambique
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    Mozambique - country profile

    After decades of conflict and decline, the country’s rail network is being steadily rehabilitated and developed, in part through concessioning agreements.

  • Myanmar
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    Myanmar - country profile

    MR has built more than 2200 km of new lines between 2004 and 2013, in addition to upgrading many of its existing routes and double-tracking the Yangon – Mandalay main line.

  • Netherlands
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    Netherlands - country profile

    With a dense network of intensive passenger services and some of Europe’s largest ports, upgrading and extending the network is focussed on eliminating bottlenecks.

  • Norway
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    Norway - country profile

    Several major renewal and capacity upgrading projects have been given go-ahead, with the inter-city triangle around Oslo seeing the most investment; double-tracking of the 450 km network is planned by 2030.

  • Poland
    Country profile

    Poland - country profile

    EU funding has been refocused on maintenance and renewals of the previously underfunded legacy network, with upgrading for higher speeds and some ETCS Level 1 signalling. Network rationalisation is ongoing.

  • Qatar
    Country profile

    Qatar - country profile

    The first phase of the Doha metro opened on May 2019, and the Lusail City tramway is due to open in 2020. Further metro is due to open in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, with main line railways planned.

  • Russia
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    Russia - country profile

    State-owned railway RZD is being reformed, with increased investment tackling a backlog of maintenance and renewals. Urban rail is dominated by Moskva’s extensive and growing metro.

  • Italy
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    Italy - country profile

    Italian network investment has focused on constructing the high speed and high capacity network Alta Velocità/Alta Capacità between the main cities.

  • Japan
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    Japan - country profile

    There has been slow, but steady expansion of the Shinkansen network, with a government programme of extensions to the network until at least 2035.