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News about Czech locomotive manufacturer CZ Loko.

  • CZ Loko

    CZ Loko opens accommodation building to meet demographic challenges


    CZECH REPUBLIC: CZ Loko has opened a building containing a training centre for 30 people and accommodation for 25 employees in a former bank in the historic centre of Česká Třebová. The company’s existing training facilities at the factory were at full capacity, and the additional ...

  • CZ Loko has a contract to undertake 50 similar rebuilds for ČD Cargo.

    ČD locomotives to be rebuilt as EffiShunters


    CZECH REPUBLIC: National operator ČD has awarded CZ Loko a KC684m contract to produce 14 EffiShunter 1000M diesel locomotives by rebuilding Class 742 locos originally manufactured by ČKD Praha in 1977-86. Only the bogies and frames will be retained. To be used for heavy shunting and ...

  • CZ Loko Hydrogen shunter impression

    Developing alternative traction for shunting locos


    CZECH REPUBLIC: CZ Loko is developing a prototype hydrogen powered version of its Effishunter 1000 four-axle diesel loco design. Provisionally branded HydrogenShunter 1000, this will use hydrogen cells to charge traction batteries, with an output of up to 800 kW. Design work is also underway on ...

  • EffiShunter 1000 společnosti Trainpoint Norway

    CZ Loko targets Scandinavian shunter replacement market


    EUROPE: Czech manufacturer CZ Loko has won a contract to supply an EffiShunter 1000 four-axle diesel-electric locomotive to Oslo-based leasing and maintenance company Trainpoint Norway, and will prioritise obtaining approval for use in Sweden is it sees a large potential market for the replacement of ageing ...

  • PKP Intercity has awarded CZ Loko an €8·9m contract to supply 10 locomotives for light shunting

    PKP Intercity orders shunting locomotives


    POLAND: PKP Intercity has awarded CZ Loko an €8·9m contract to supply 10 locomotives for light shunting at depots and stabling points in Warszawa, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Katowice and Kraków. The two-axle EffiShunter 300 is designed to give low production and operating costs. The locomotives for PKP ...

  • 774.718 + 722, vlečka CZ LOKO Jihlava

    EffiShunter 1600 broad gauge fleet expands


    UKRAINE: Czech manufacturer CZ Loko has unveiled the first of four 1 520 mm gauge EffiShunter 1600 Co-Co diesel-electric locomotives which were ordered by steelmaker ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih in July 2019. The 123-tonne centre-cab locomotives are heavily rebuilt from ČKD-built CME3 locos, have 1 000 kW CAT ...