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    Dopravní podnik mesta Mostu a Litvínova as (DPML)

    Opened 1951; inter-urban tramway with four operating routes serving 27 stops. The main line runs between Most main station north to Litvínov main staion, terminating northeast of the town at Citadela. In Most, a branch runs southwest to Velebudická. DPML introduced three new EVO2 trams in 2019-20, with extensive upgrading ...

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    Ostrava - city map

    Ostrava, Czech Republic: urban area rail network map

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    Czech Republic (Czechia) - country profile

    The Czech Republic’s extensive rail network serves key flows of transit freight; open access and operating contracts are increasingly part of service provision.

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    EP Cargo

    EP Logisitcs International

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    Czech Republic (Czechia) - country map

    Czech Republic (Czechia): national rail network map

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    ČD fined for anti-competitive bidding


    CZECH REPUBLIC: National operator ČD has been fined KC274·8m after anti-monopoly office ÚOHS ruled that it had abused its dominant position in an effort to prevent competitors entering the passenger market. ÚOHS found that ČD had violated Czech and EU competition laws by submitting artificially low bids ...

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    Praha - city map

    Praha, Czech Republic: urban area rail network map

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    Správa Železnic

    National rail infrastructure manager. See Czech Republic network map and country profile . Established in 2003 to manage the country’s rail infrastructure (first line opened 1839), land and other assets, SZ oversees path allocation and timetabling, modernisation and development of the network and stations. Formerly Správa Železniční ...

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    RegioJet as

    Student Agency

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    Metrans Rail sro

    Operates intermodal services linking North Sea ports to inland Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. Founded in 2003 as Railtrans, the company has expanded from cross-border freight into Germany into intermodal operations in 2008 in partnership with logistics company Metrans, which in 2010 took a financial stake ...

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    Plzenské mestské dopravní podniky as (PMDP)

    First line opened 1899; network now comprises 3 routes serving 54 stops. On December 16 2019 Line 4 was extended south from Bory to Univerzita (1·4 km, 2 stops). Address Denisovo Nábreží 920/12 30323 Plzen Czech Republic Phone +420 378 031120 Fax +420 377 320493 Email ...

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    LEO Express as

    LEO Express launched 2-hourly services between Praha and Ostrava in 2012, and now runs 11 train pairs each day with two continuing to Kosice in Slovakia and four to Staré Město u UH. In September 2016 it ordered a batch of 3 EMUs from CRRC Zhyzhou for delivery in 2018, ...

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    Jindrichohradecké místní dráhy as (JHMD)

    Established in 1998, this operator runs passenger, freight and tourist trains over two narrow-gauge lines in southern Bohemia, from Jindřichův Hradec southeast to Nová Bystřice (32·9 km) and north to Obrataň (46·0 km). Address Nádrazí 203/II 37701 Jindrichuv Hradec Czech Republic Phone +420 384 361165 Fax +420 384 361165 ...

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    Dopravni podnik mesta Olomouce as (DPMO)

    First line opened 1899. Network comprises central loop and four branches operated as seven routes serving 33 stops. The branch from Ulice Svobody south to Trnková is the most recent addition, opening in December 2013 (1·4 km, 3 stops); this is to be extended further to Schweitzerova in the ...

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    Dopravni podnik Ostrava as (DPO)

    First line opened 1894, first electrified line 1901. Tramway has 14 routes and 101 stops. See Ostrava network map . A complex central network radiates out to the south from the old city, with seven main branches. A semi-rural single track route extends west from the western suburb of ...

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    Dopravní podnik měst Liberce a Jablonce (DPMLJ)

    Dopravní podnik měst Liberce a Jablonce nad Nisou as

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    Ceské Dráhy as

    Principal national passenger train operator; see Czech Republic network map. CD was set up in 1993 as Czech successor to the former Czechoslovak State Railways. In 2003, CD was reconstituted as a state-owned joint-stock company which is now responsible only for operations. Infrastructure is managed by Správa Železnic ...

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    CD Cargo as

    Principal Czech rail freight operator; see Czech Republic network map and country profile . CD’s freight division became a separate wholly-owned company in 2007, in preparation for privatisation. In February 2010 it became part of the Xrail international wagonload traffic operational alliance. Address Jankovcova 1569/2c 17000 Praha ...

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    Dopravni podnik mesta Brna as

    Opened 1869, extensive modernised tramway network with 11 routes. In addition to a network serving the city centre and a dozen radial routes, upgraded Rapid Tram light rail lines serve the southwest and east of the city. A partly-underground link to the university is under construction (900 ...