VolkerRail and Unipart Rail have opened an overhead electrification equipment preassembly facility in Crewe.

UK: VolkerRail and Unipart Rail have opened a third overhead electrification equipment preassembly facility, to support phase three of Network Rail's 25 kV 50 Hz North West Electrification Programme.

VolkerRail said precision prefabrication at the site in Crewe would ensure the just-in-time delivery of electrification equipment, with a high degree of traceability, less waste and shorter procurement lead times. The facility is the first of its kind to use Unipart Rail's Uni-TracePlus software to provide live status information for materials both in the facility and out on-site.

'This is a fantastic example of our supply chain working together to help deliver electrification more efficiently', said Network Rail's Major Programme Director, Chris Montgomery, when he formally opened the facility on April 4, adding that it would 'play a vital role in the success of the Great North Rail Project, delivering better journeys for passengers between Preston and Blackpool.'