CZECH REPUBLIC: CZ Loko has unveiled its first EffiLiner 3000, produced by rebuilding a former SNCB Class 12 locomotive. CZ Loko says the locomotive which was originally built in Belgium in the 1980s is the first western European electric locomotive to have been completely modernised in the Czech Republic.

More than 10 Czech and Slovak companies participated in the project, which began when the first locomotive was imported from Belgium in April 2013. A further 11 have since been acquired.

The rebuild has focused on improving reliability, operating and maintenance costs, environmental performance and safety. The bogies, traction motors and body have been retained, while other parts have been replaced to meet current European standards.

The EffiLiner 3000 can operate under 3 kV DC and 25 kV 50 Hz electrification and has continuous rating of 2·91 MW. The maximum speed has been reduced from 160 km/h to 120 km/h to reflect the locomotive’s intended use on freight traffic, while the weight has remained the same at 85 tonnes.

The locomotive has an EVPÚ transformer and traction equipment, GINO ESE brake resistors, an Alfa Union vacuum circuit breaker, Sécheron switches and MSV Elektronika control systems and anti-wheelslip protection. New air braking equipment has been supplied by DAKO-CZ.

‘Now we are able to provide Czech and European operators with a vehicle which ranks among the leading European locomotives at a very interesting price’, said CZ Loko General Director Josef Gulyas. ‘The project enables us to gain new experience, know-how and technology’.