HUNGARY: State holding company NISZ has awarded Kapsch CarrierCom and local company MVM OVIT a €46m contract to install GSM-R on 900 km of the national rail network, Kapsch announced on November 27. With MVM responsible for physical infrastructure, installation is due for completion at the end of 2015 when Kapsch CarrierCom will start the three-year maintenance component of the contract.

‘Due to its geographic location, Hungary is a key country for European transit traffic’, said Kapsch CarrierCom Chief Executive Kari Kapsch. ‘We therefore consider this order a particularly important reference project’.

Kapsch CarrierCom says that the high-performance GSM-R architecture that it is to provide will offer ‘especially extensive functionality and high availability’. The system will feature ‘base stations of the newest generation’, as well as ‘a modern service control point’.