CHINA: The first heavy metro line in Changchun began trial operation at 08.00 on June 30. Line 1 runs from Beihuan in the north to Hongzuizi in the south, serving 15 stations. Services currently operate between 05.15 and 21.30.

Construction started in April 2011. The 18·1 km route runs underground and offers an end-to-end journey time of 32 min. Interchange is provided with both of the city’s light rail lines at adjacent stops, both of which serve Changchun railway station. These are to be remodelled to provide easier interchange.

CRRC Changchun has supplied a fleet of 22 six-car aluminium-bodied Type B trainsets. Stabled at a depot at Hongzuizi, these draw power at 1·5 kV DC overhead and have a maximum speed of 80 km/h. Each trainset can carry 1 888 passengers, and rolling stock is winterised to deal with temperatures down to -35°C.

Interchange with the future east-west Line 2 will be provided at Jiefeng Avenue once this line opens in 2018.